XERO Reporting and Support


Executive Summary:  An absolute necessity for managing a business. This report has all the core numbers at a glance. Your bank balance that can be uploaded directly from the bank, Gross profit and loss along with all of the other information you need.

Financial Statements:  Your profit and loss statement is the most important report you will need. It is what all the banks and lenders have to have to approve loans.Your CPA will need this information for your tax returns and end of the year reports.

Account Reconciliations:  Easy with the choice of reconcile account and each entry will be automatically reconciled. Bank Accounts, accounts receivable and accounts payable are usually the ones that the CPA will want to see along with the expense accounts. Sales and cost of sales can be reconciled so you have the latest information for billing your customers.


Xero has support offices all around the world. There will never be a time that you cannot get the help you require. They also have unlimited email support with experienced teams that can answer any and all questions.


This is incredible software. For a new small business owner the ease with which you can learn this software, will give you the advantage of knowing exactly where you stand. The support you need is available 24 hours a day, from anywhere in the world. Experienced and knowledgeable teams are there to guide you through any problems you may have. Easy to read reports and features that will help you increase your sales and have a successful business is all in the cloud. Unlimited users will allow you to put a business team together and join in one location for business meetings, sales meetings or general reviews. Xero is developing new features and updating information that is passed on to you at no cost, almost monthly. The main feature of this software is the ease of access, mobile on any device using any browser, at any time you can access the information you need to conduct your business from anywhere. There are safety and security measures that will keep your financial information safe.

They offer a 30 day free trial, so you can test out the software. They offer different packages some available as low as $9.00 a month. For a small business this is very cost effective.


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